What to write about as we get into spring

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People are often more inclined to share a ‘flowery’ (or, as one of our clients refers to them; ‘fluffy’) post than a business-related or sales post from your feed. However, if you’re building a great online rapport, they might also share posts that are geared more around your product or service.

Remember that even if it’s a post that isn’t necessarily about your business that’s getting shared, people still see your business name at the top and your logo in the profile image area of every post that shows up in their feed. They are still just one click away from landing on your page where lots of contact information exists. So, don’t be too quick to write off being light and fun with your social media. And, if you’re sharing someone else’s content, that just looks supportive and confident!

social media content for spring

Create a series over a period of time. This blog post is a sequel to the one we did in January (What to write about in the New Year) and you’ll see two more coming (July and October) to round out the year with content ideas for our viewers. You can do a weekly series, monthly or even one that just lasts a week. 

April is all about Easter and spring so have fun with that! Align yourself with a partner to run a special promotion or perhaps create a tutorial (or a series of tutorials) so people can learn something from you. Video, video, video…. need we say more?

We are often filling our regular feeds with great content but don’t forget about Reels and stories. Have fun with these tools and show people what’s ‘behind the curtains’; your viewers will love that! If you can do one or two reels/stories per week, that would be pretty good.

Testimonials are terrific ways to share how people feel about your business. In fact, according to a Hootsuite blog; 83% of Canadians have a Facebook account (51% have an Instagram account), 63% of Americans use Facebook and ⅔ of Facebook users visit a business page at least once a week. A testimonial can create a definite sense of trust for new visitors.

Because we love statistics, Hootsuite also reports that 48.5% of B2B decision-makers use Facebook for research – That makes it the top traditional social network for B2B research, with only YouTube coming in higher at 50.9%, so don’t neglect Facebook when marketing to a business audience.

Highlighting a customer can really show how much you value the people you do business with and showing some ‘behind-the-scenes’ shots can be really fun for your audience. Try small promotions for your viewers by offering a social media only promo.

Humour goes a long way on social media but you have to be very, very careful how you execute humour as it can also go very wrong and remember Mom and Dad in May and June!

Social media is such a great place to really highlight your business and get creative with the information you share. Don’t be afraid to be bright, fun, cheerful and colourful but at the same time, remember to stay on brand and be true to your company vision.

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