Fall time is the BEST TIME for social media!

We think the fall is just filled with endless social media content ideas and as much as we know we need to use our social media for our business purposes, we must not forget to have fun and be in the season.

One of the most important tips we have for you during this time is if you’re thinking about doing any kind of holiday promotion, October is when you want to start planning (earlier is even better). The more intentionally planned your promotions are, the more successful the execution and results will be!

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October is just filled with creative ideas no matter what your business is because it’s Halloween. A time when you can dress up and be something you’re not. It’s also a time when people like to get into decorating. Even if you’re business is not interior design or a costume store, you can share your own ideas on the notion.

  • An automotive shop could provide safe and easy ways to ‘dress up your car’
  • A social media business could offer creative ways to use Halloween in your design
  • Your local mom-and-pop lawnmower shop could showcase their mowers being pushed by a rather scary mow monster!

Speaking of mom-and-pop shops– consider featuring a smaller business in your area to show that you #supportlocal. You probably won’t want to feature a competitor here but if you own a bakery, you might feature the shoe store that’s next door because Christmas is on its way and shoes might be on someone’s shopping list… so will stopping for a coffee break!

As we head into November ask people what they’re grateful for and share what you’re grateful for. It’s not too late to start thinking about Christmas either. Remind people that homemade gifts can be very special to give, and provide some tips to help out.

Offering downloadable information is a great way to send people to your website and even collect emails. Just remember that your landing page should be designed to create a sense of trust to make providing you with an email easier. If you do want to offer something people can download, make sure it’s something they really want. There’s a lot of downloadable information online these days, so you will need to really stand out here.

Once December hits, it’s full-on holiday mode! A great way to provide some savings and see if people are paying attention to your social media is to offer a “say you saw it on social media and save” promotion. This is also incentive for newbies to like or follow you.

12 days to Christmas can be really fun. Using social media, and/or your newsletter – publish a post a day – a special on something. Some examples could be:

  • On the 12th day to Christmas, get 25% off service
  • One the 11th day to Christmas, everyone who likes our Facebook page today gets a coupon.
  • On the 10th day to Christmas, sign up to our newsletter list and receive 30% off product.