What to write about in the New Year 

social media content ideas for january february march

In January everyone is still waking up from all the holiday festivities and tend to be in a fog for the first little bit. Not to mention they’ve likely spent a lot of money lately, so we came up with some very useful social media content ideas just for you!

In many parts of the world the weather can be dreary and these first few months are not everyone’s favourite. So, what should we talk about on social media? These can be some of the most challenging months for content. 

Content ideas for january february march

Over the holiday season, most of us have done more shopping than usual and have been inundated by holiday ads, black Friday sales and boxing day savings! After all of that, another sales pitch may strike a nerve so we suggest keeping your social media lighter and focus a bit less on sales and a bit more on being social.

Focus on new beginnings and fresh starts. Inspiration is not only a lovely sentiment but it’s also ‘shareable’ content. Say something from the heart and it may go a long way.

If your business is a bit slow in January, take the time to write a thoughtful blog, or three, to get ahead of things and share some information that your audience would find really helpful. A good blog article should be about 500 – 750 words and don’t be afraid to share some of your best-kept secrets!

CONTESTS! Everyone likes the chance to win something from their favourite brand so consider a little contest that only lasts a week, or go big with weekly winners and an exciting grand prize. Consider hitting up a complimentary business and run a contest together. This is also a terrific way to work on building up your email list, but remember to follow all the guidelines around running contests on social media.

This time of the year could be a great time to launch a new product or service. Plan out how you’ll use your social media to get people excited about what you’re doing. This is also a terrific time to produce a video for your website, social media and YouTube. If you’re creating a video, remember to make it evergreen so you can use it many times; maybe even cut it into smaller videos for more content ideas.

Valentine’s day is always a fun occasion and for some businesses can work into weeks of hearts, gift ideas and surprises.

#Throwbackthursdays have been a thing for quite a while and can be a really fun addition to the social media line up.

Posting weekly tips, asking questions or even simple interactive games are all great ways to fill your social media feed and make your viewers feel like they matter to your organization. After the holidays can also be a great time to mention fundraisers and charities because they still need help when Christmas is over.

At the beginning we mentioned not focusing on sales too much, but we don’t mean forget about what you’re selling altogether. All of these ideas are intended to be ‘peppered’ into your regular sales posts but remember that you can get creative with sales as well. Rather than saying “Buy this great widget today”, consider something like “Did you know this widget is really helpful”.

Social media should be used to engage with people who feel invested in your brand. The winning strategy is trying to be interactive, giving and fun. Use paid ads for more targeted campaigns where you’re looking at a more immediate objective.

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