Does the Twitter Increase Matter to You?

Twitter has increased its character count from 140 per tweet, to 280 characters per tweet - Does this Twitter Increase matter to you? . . Twitter has been, and continues to be, a social platform that you either love or hate. Some people swear by it, others think it’s...

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Hashtags on LinkedIn?

Did you know about LinkedIn Hashtags?  . . What do you think? Is it a good idea for them to use hashtags or a waste of their efforts? First, let me remind you that a hashtag is a ‘#’ symbol (once only known as a pound sign LOL) that is placed in front of a word or...

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Social Media Expert Tips

Time for some Social Media Expert Tips for business growth and success. I don’t have to tell you how important social media is to your marketing mix but what I thought might help, is to recap some social platform details and give you some Social Media Expert Tips for...

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3 things that will definitely sink your website

We've compiled 3 main things that will definitely sink your website. . . But first let's examine what's happening. Did you know that 68% of people check their smartphones, potentially your website, within 15 minutes of waking up. They’re either catching up with...

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Google Cracks Down Again! Google is always trying to improve user experience, and I like this Google cracks down that will be in place January 10th, 2017. They’re going to introduce a signal that will give lower ranking to websites that use large pop ups...

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Email Marketing – List Building Tips

Email marketing is crucial to a successful digital marketing plan but it can be tough to build your email list. Remember QUALITY vs. QUANTITY! Here's 3 SIMPLE EMAIL LIST BUILDING TIPS: Include a 'subscribe' area on your website - you can do pop-ups to do this but most...

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LinkedIn Security Breach another reminder of Safety!

I'm sure most of you have heard that LinkedIn has recently been breached and many people's passwords have likely been compromised and emails have been stolen. What does LinkedIn Security for you? First and foremost, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS, and for goodness sake use a...

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5 tips to building a GREAT website

1. Put the most important content “above the fold”  [tweetthis]5 tips to building a GREAT website - #1: Put the most important content “above the fold” [/tweetthis] When users visit a website, studies* show that 80.3% of people spend most of their attention above the...

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Social media provides 5 primary benefits:

Better results on search due to fresh and continuous content and imagery. Social media must have continuous, fresh content on a consistent and regular basis. It is this fresh content, that is also riddled with ‘keywords’ that

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