1. We create the ad – verbiage and design

2. You proof and approve

3. We place the ad where your audience is spending time

4. We provide you with results and reports


A Social Media Campaign Manager isn’t going to work unless you have some content to show you’re a valid business that can be trusted (not to mention search). So, here’s what else we do for you:

1. Customize content and creative for your social media feed

2. Feature your existing blog articles with links to your website

3. Create content that actually engages your ‘tribe’ so you become the leader in your industry

Content marketing is more than a buzzword.

It’s the hottest trend in marketing because it’s the biggest gap between what buyers want and what brands produce

Ad design is an art, campaign management is a science, and we know how to create ads with strong calls to action that perform. When you use us as your Social Media Campaign Manager, you get your very own creative team experienced in almost every avenue of digital marketing.

Newspaper, magazine, radio and billboard advertising costs far more than what we charge to maintain a digital presence for your business, on an ongoing basis. We can:

  • tell you how many people have seen your posts and how much engagement you’ve received
  • set up your ads so people message you directly when they’re interested, giving you instant ROI
  • directly target people interested in what you have to offer
  • change things within hours if something isn’t performing the way we want it to
  • increase your market share by targeting other areas – the sky is the limit!

Digital marketing has transformed the way advertising is done. Gone are the days when you really didn’t know if your ad was working and no one could offer you some exact results. Social media advertising is here and it works… but you won’t know until you try.