There are many ways to drive a Facebook contest and we’ve chosen 3 of our favourites to share with you in this article.


But First:

  • Keep your Facebook Contest end goal in mind and consider who you want to attract to your specific promotion.
  • Brand the promotion using the cover image as well as the timeline photo to accompany the post.
  • We would also recommend using your website [blog] to support the initiative, including email marketing, other suitable platforms and don’t forget to add in some Facebook advertising.


The more HOLISTIC a promotion is, the better the RESULTS.

Now, here’s 3 clever ways to drive your Facebook contest in an effort to get maximum likes, comments and engagement, without using a like-gate:

  1. Ask users to enter by commenting and/or uploading a picture – it could be a picture of them using your product or any theme that fits the promotion. The best picture/comment combo wins.
  2. You can ask a question (or, fill-in-the-blank) to which the first correct response wins a prize (this could be a question regarding your product)
  3. Ask for comments about a product someone has used and the best comment wins (this makes for some great testimonials too!)

And don’t forget that there are still rules to follow when working with Facebook, plus your local regulations. Click here to review Facebook’s Terms & Conditions >>