Email marketing and list building is an important part of a successful digital marketing plan, but it can be tough to build your email list. Remember QUALITY over QUANTITY!

It’s important to keep in mind that people do get a lot of emails, which means you need to respect their time when you send yours. Your newsletters should be short, easy to read, aesthetically pleasing and provide information that your readers are happy to receive.

Remember that email marketing contact databases will degrade over time as people move on, change addresses, opt-out or just abandon old email addresses.

super simple email building tips


• 1 •  Include a ‘subscribe’ area on your website – you can use pop-ups to do this but most people really hate pop-ups (and Google has ‘cracked down’ on them), so be clear on why you would use that technique and use it wisely. Create subscribe areas in the footer of your website, on the contact page or anywhere else that makes sense.

• 2 •  Include a ‘forward’ or ’email to a friend’ option on all your newsletters as well as social media sharing buttons and even a simple text; ‘subscribe’ CTA so people receiving the newsletter have an easy way to opt-in.

• 3 •  Use sign-up sheets at live events or your ‘check out’ counter in-store. Every chance you get, ask people if they would like to sign up for your newsletter so you can continue email list building. Put a clear box at your front counter and ask people to sign up while they wait to make their purchase.

• 4 •  Incentivize people by offering a discount when they sign up for your newsletter or a free download. Create a lead-generated offer like a free ebook that can only be accessed after an email is provided. You can see a gated page if you click here to download our pricing sheet.

• 5 •  Run social media contests! Contests are such a great way to engage with people and one of the best ways to grow your email list. Facebook does not allow a like or a share to be entry for a contest, so the best way to have people enter is with their email via a landing page.


Not all gated content is worth it to a website visitor. Get their attention with some basic, free content, advice, tips and then offer more advanced advice they can get by filling out a form on a landing page.

Alternatively, pique their interest by offering a link to book a Free Consult, like this …


Every single newsletter should have the option to unsubscribe.