Google Cracks Down Again!

Google is always trying to improve user experience, and I like this Google cracks down that will be in place January 10th, 2017. They’re going to introduce a signal that will give lower ranking to websites that use large pop ups (interstitials) – in other words, if a page is not easily accessible to a user, from a mobile search result, that page may not rank high for those search results.

The article specifies that this is directed at mobile use, however, I suspect this will affect all pages… if not as much now, it will occur naturally.


Google cracks down on pop ups.

In our research, people HATE pop ups, so YAY! Google!

I bet you get annoyed when you land on a perfectly good website and you get into reading some interesting content and BOOM! you get a big pop up that completely distracts what you’re trying to do. There are ways to build your mail list or get people to sign up for things without being a nuisance.

In one survey by usability researcher Jakob Nielsen, 95% of users reported that their online experience was affected “negatively or very negatively” by design elements that popped up in front of their windows.

Their are some exceptions to the rule; for example if it is an age requirement to enter a site, that will be allowed, or cookie usage, or an extremely small amount of screen space is used for a pop up – this is good news for email list building <wink, wink>.

Google also mentions that this new ‘signal’ is just one of hundreds of signals that are used in their ranking algorithm.


Click here to read the article straight from Google’s blog!