We see all sorts of tactics and ads that tell us that they can get us a thousand ‘likes’ on our facebook page if we pay them so much $$. But how true is all of this? Facebook Likes.

Here’s the true deal. If you want to create a community of loyal fans that will use your services and refer you to their friends, be yourself and be honest. Create a strategy and plan for your social media efforts… the rewards can be overwhelming.

Spend time creating a plan that would include things like:

  • how many times should I post per week?
  • what topics should I focus on? what would my customers consider valueable information?
  • what should my social media tone be? humor, cute, professional, statistical, a combo of all?
  • when should I be posting? during the week? in the morning or in the evening?
  • should I create graphical pieces or just a few lines of text?
  • how often should I monitor my social media?
A social media strategy is as important as any other channel that advertises your brand – take it seriously, make a plan and follow through with that plan. Businesses that do this are the ones that find much success in social media and grow their online business revenues.
This brings to mind the age old “Rule of 7”, which simply states that a prospective buyer should see a brand at least seven times before they make a decision to buy from you… I bet that number is higher with Social Media but the meaning remains true.

Marketing efforts should always be concise and consistent
Social Media is no different.