Social Media Benefits For Your Business

  1. Better results on search due to fresh and continuous content and imagery 
    • Social media must have continuous, fresh content on a consistent and regular basis. It is this fresh content, that is also riddled with ‘keywords’ that makes Google rank your brand higher
  2. Build a community that puts your brand top-of-mind 
    • As you build your community, people will then be subject to seeing your brand more often. When the purchasing process begins, your brand will be top-of-mind
    • This also puts you top-of-mind if a friend of a friend is looking for your service, your chance of being referred rises greatly
  3. Advertising opportunity to targeted market 
    • Social platforms offer unique advertising opportunities because it allows for targeting, setting a budget and even user lifestyle
  4. Opportunity to engage with people 
    • LinkedIn & Facebook pages offer the opportunity to show your content to people that matter, allowing them to be entertained, educated and informed by you.
  5. Retention 
    • Attaining a ‘Like’ is retaining someone’s attention. Unlike your website where people come and go, social media provides a platform that can retain people with a Like, Follow or Connection.

Social media can be a variety of things but we know that it needs to speak to your targeted audience and give them a reason to want to be part of your community – resulting in brand loyalty and business growth. We create strategies to meet the goals of the business, the marketing and the audience we need to target.


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