Grow your social media!

It’s time to get serious about your social media with planned content, professionally written and designed to impress your customers. We have social media plans that are affordable for even the smallest business.

A design agency

We take your social media vision and bring it to life on the channels that matter to your business. 

What we do

Your business objectives guide us in developing successful digital strategies that get you results.

Newsletters & Ads

We write/edit, design and deliver newsletters plus execute targeted Social Media Ads.


Lexabi Communications

Lexabi has been in digital communications since the late 90’s and has specialized in Social Media since 2012. When you partner with us, you get our expertise, creativity and complete digital marketing support. We make your business SHINE online!

Our Process is easy!

We take each month and plan out your content based on your type of business, blog, services, products & research. We use the tone that best suits you and custom designed graphics and photos.

We make it easy, efficient and affordable so that you can have your brand consistently online and engaging.


Work With Us?

Our clients trust that their marketing is being taken care of by trained professionals that have been in the industry for over 20 years.

Businesses throughout North America know that they save time and money when they work with us.

People come to rely on Lexabi for social media, digital ads, newsletters, blogs and much much more.


Creating consistent, relevant content every day creates searchable accounts, a live appearance and engaging possibilities.

Professional Design

Presenting your brand with professionally designed graphics & images can pursuade someone to do business with you, versus your competitor.


Using Lexabi, provides you with a highly trained, professional team that affordably takes this marketing task off your desk.