We help with Planning, Creative and Execution

In working with many industries, one of the key issues we see local businesses struggle with is using social media to really elevate their brand and sales, in and outside of their immediate region.

Since 2012 we’ve helped numerous companies increase their social exposure which has resulted in better customer relations, higher engagement rates, more website traffic and increased sales. Our services save the average business about 40%-70% compared to traditional forms of advertising or using an inexperienced staff person; with extensive metrics to help make better future decisions. Simply put, we help you with:

  • Daily social media posting (for highter organic reach)
  • Social media ad design and delivery
  • Monthly calendar and planning sessions
  • Video posts for even higher engagement
  • Contest planning, creation and execution
  • and much much more, if you need it…

We have three main packages that fit almost any business need or budget, and they start at only $299/month!

If you want to talk to someone right now… no problem. Call Andrea at 250.215.1122 and she’ll spend some time strategizing with you at no charge.

Just looking for information to help you do-it-yourself… awesome! We love to help those that have time to manage things themselves. Click here to visit our blog for lots of useful tips and be sure to check back because we’re always coming up with something new.

If you are looking for a boutique social media firm to help with the management of your social media, may we recommend that you download our entire media kit. It will tell you how much we charge for almost everything so you can see if it fits with your budget.

Andrea & her team have been instrumental in the development of the social media presence of our Big O Tire Group of 25 auto repair services over the past several years.  She has been highly effective even though most of the shops are not in the Kelowna area.  I find her to be very interested in each of the dealer’s unique situations and able to address their concerns and market them effeciently and locally. 

Andrea is also a particularly gifted artist with an uncanny ability to incorporate this together with her social media skills, for a very effective Facebook and Instagram presence.  I have no hesitation in recommending Lexabi.  Rob Litke, Carfix Big O Tires, Richmond, BC

CLICK HERE to read some of our Google Reviews…

Lexabi Communications is one of the few social media firms that offer VIDEO POSTS at a reasonable cost. In fact, they include video in one of their social media packages! Give them a few images and they can make a pretty outstanding social media video!

Ad Design Services

You’ve got your social media under control but you need help placing creative ads that convert! Got it… here’s more of what we can do for you:

  • Ad design for Google
  • Dynamic Ads for Facebook and Instagram
  • Video Ads
  • Lead Gen Ads on LinkedIn

Our ad design fees can be found in the Media Kit along with many other things you might find valueable.

Social Media Contests

You want to run a contest but you need someone to plan it, design it and then manage it. We LOVE sweepstakes and often recommend them to anyone who will listen:

  • Provide you with a plan, outline and scope
  • Design the creative plus an ad
  • Write the content, including links to your landing page plus the fine print you may not think of
  • Report on the progress
  • Provide you with a final success report, announce winners and follow up


You might be looking for a simple video ad or an entire production – we can help with both:

  • Simple videos for social media – less than 20 seconds
  • Video ads for Facebook
  • Micro Video productions that start from $500
  • Full day productions that start from $1000
  • Slideshows that jazz up static images or just text 
  • Whatever you’re looking for, we can make it happen

Graphic Design

We’ve been designing graphics professionally for over 20 years. If you’re simply looking for some design support, we can handle that. 

Perhaps you like to write your own social content and just need someone to design for you, we can do that.

Whatever your design needs, print or digital, we can be your creative team.


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