February is the month of love … and I want to do something extra special this month so we are going to spend each day showing our appreciation and love to those around us. We will also feature a few businesses and/or people each week to showcase what they’re doing and why they’re exceptional.

People & businesses who inspire us, make us laugh, creative people and those who should just be mentioned because they do some pretty amazing things. Tag #ShowSomeLOVE on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ & Instagram to share with your networks and …

Andrea Lindal at Lexabi CommunicationsHelp me #ShowSomeLOVE and spread some CHEER!  Maybe even help some deserving people grow their networks! Thank you … Andrea This campaign is over for 2015
… see you next year for more inspiration!clicktoNominate




Liz Soergel from Aviva Photo Studios

Liz has used her passion & talent for photography to raise over $45,000 for Kelowna General Hospital. She’s bringing awareness to the importance of quality neo-natal care and uses her photography to showcase Okanagan children in a full color, gorgeous coffee table book.  Make sure you #ShowSomeLOVE to Liz on FACEBOOK!

Robert Restino from Pinnacle Financial Advisors

Rob created an incredible way to give back to his community with Pinnacle Kids; a non-profit charitable organization that offers assistance to individual public schools and their classrooms by meeting special needs. Pinnacle Kids helps deliver supplies to classrooms, kids, and families that would otherwise go without. Please #ShowSomeLOVE to Rob and his team on FACEBOOK or check out their WEBSITE.

Anita Campbell, founder of Small Business Trends

Anita believes being a small business owner is a high calling. She has deep respect for those who risk their own capital to provide opportunities for their employees and serve their communities and customers. She and her team give back by highlighting thousands and thousands of small businesses every year. And through, she runs a site that is all about giving visibility to the content generated by small businesses. She runs the Small Business Book Awards and the Small Business Influencer Awards – neither of which charge any fees to small businesses.  Please #ShowSomeLOVE to Anita on FACEBOOK or their WEBSITE.

Kristie Kennedy from

Kristie is devoted to empowering women to see beyond perceived limitations in order to behold their greatest expectations! A golden voice of hope for the outcast, underdog and overlooked. She has learned how to convert her pain into power, her pressure into pearls of wisdom and her past into a platform teaching others how to prosper in the midst of their problems. #ShowSomeLOVE to Kristie on FACEBOOK or check out her WEBSITE.

Jodi Quibell from Word to the Wise Editing Services

Normally I edit these submissions but this one was so sweet, I didn’t. Jodi’s husband, Steve nominated her and I think the love shows in every word, so please help me in supporting Jodi Quibell:

“The person I would like to Show some love is my wife Jodi Quibell. She has done some amazing things in the community. She is a preschool teacher as well as has her own business “Word to the Wise Editing Services”, but her real passion has always been helping others in need.

Jodi runs Food for Gifts; where you can purchase garage sale items, using Food donations as currency! She donates the food to Inn From The Cold and other groups that don’t get as many donations as the local food bank. Visit her on FACEBOOK. She is an amazing person always giving back to the community. Thank you for reading – Steve Quibell”

Open For Change

Help us wrap up our #ShowSomeLOVE campaign with Open for Change! They are a for-profit social enterprise, committed to creating a United Community for Sustainable Change so please #ShowSome <extra> LOVE!


Thank you to all the wonderful people that nominated their inspirations and let us feature them. We’ll do it again next year because it was an inspiring exercise for us to… be inspirational all year long!