One of the best B2B tools on the internet is LinkedIn. One of the best things we were all taught to say, when someone does something nice for us, is ‘Thank you’.

Combining Thank you and LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool.

When I invite someone to connect with me on LinkedIn and they accept that invitation, I know that this is a unique opportunity to try to connect on a deeper level with that person.

A simple “thank you for connecting” message can go a long way to nurturing relationships and building communities – which is what Social Media is all about.

An example of something you might like to say:


Hey [name], I just wanted to say thank you for connecting!

Please have a look at and see if there is anything that we might be able to help you with. In turn, send me your information so I too can have a closer look.

Thanks again for connecting with me here on LinkedIn, and CHEERS to successful networking & business opportunities!

Respectfully … Andrea