What’s a QR Code and Why Would I Use It?

Let’s say we’re at a networking group, and I give you my business card. When you get back to the office, you have to search for the card, sit at your computer, open your browser and then type in my website address – making no mistakes.

What are the odds that everyone I give a card to, will do this?

Enter QR Codes – Second scenario: Let’s say we’re at a networking group, and I give you my business card. You take your iPhone out of your pocket and scan my QR code. Done.

I’m thinking my odds just got better.

Now you’re at a trade show and you want to promote some ‘likes’ to your facebook page. Put the QR code where everyone can see it, your pull-up for example, and voila! one quick scan and they can ‘like’ your facebook page in less than 30 seconds.

We’ve included more photos below to give you ideas of things you can place a QR code onto.

Did you know that 85% of Canadians are using mobile devices, and 45% of them are smartphone users? The 4 top monthly activities are downloading apps, browsing, email and accessing Social Media. These numbers are predicted to rise substantially in the future … Canadian Mobile Advertising Revenue Report

Typically QR codes identify website addresses you want your customer to view, however, you can represent any piece of information you like. Here’s some examples:

  • Website address
  • Send a text message
  • Send an email message
  • Address Book record (vcard)
  • Display some text on your screen

There’s a lot of apps you can choose from to install on your smart phone, that will scan these codes. On our iPhones, we’ve tried QR Scanner and Bakodo which work quite fine and are free to use. If you go to the App Store on your iphone and search ‘qr scanner’, the aforementioned and many more, will appear in your search screen. Simply touch the ‘FREE’ box and your download will begin. You will need to know your cell phone password for any app downloads.

  • To create your own QR code is very easy;
  • go to  http://www.qrstuff.com (there are many more but this is the one we like to use).
  • Choose your ‘Data Type’,
  • Plunk in the website address you want the QR code to go to,
  • Click the ‘Output Type’ (usually this will just be download – it will download the .png file onto your hard drive and then you can do whatever you want with it).

Places you probably DO NOT want to put a QR code is on your website or Facebook page… that would kind of defeat the purpose of using your print collateral to encourage people to ‘learn more’ through your digital presence or engage with you on Facebook.

More uses for QR Codes:

Put it on clothing

Put your QR code on clothing – great for staff to wear at events!

Bottles or mugs

Wine bottle labels would be a great way to promote the winery.



Make your signage bigger with less wording to encourage people to learn more at the website.

Reports or Flyers

Use your reports or flyers to promote your website easily and attractively.


You can even create QR Codes that bring the viewer directly to that area of the website and the exact product you want them to see.

Newspapers or Magazines

Creatively using your newspaper ad to direct people to your website. That’s making good use of print media!



Place one on your vehicle… it will certainly be a discussion point.

Other display ads

You wouldn’t miss a bus stop QR code… and who isn’t board waiting for a bus?

Brochures and booklets

Spice up your glossy brochures or booklets with a delicately placed QR Code.

There are so many uses for QR Codes and they do compliment a complete marketing strategy. Let us know if you’ve used one on something we don’t have here, and we’ll publish it on our Facebook page.