LinkedIn introduces ‘Top Contributors’ to Groups. In an effort to foster great discussions and recognize contributors, you’ll now see ‘Top Contributors in this Group’ in the right column along with ‘Your group contribution level’ if you are a top contributor.

LinkedIn states that “Top contributors are group members who post the most interesting discussions and comments”.

Contribution levels are group specific, recalculated daily and are categorized as:

– Getting Started
– Finding an Audience
– Making an Impact
– Top Contributor

So, how do you increase your contribution levels? Easy… start some interesting discussions and/or comment positively and relevantly on other discussions. LinkedIn is all about interaction, so the more you interact professionally, the higher your scores can be. If your contributions are irrelevant, promotional or inappropriate, your levels will go down!

If you’d like to review your group activity, follow these instructions:

– Go to the group you want to review your activity in
– Click ‘More’ in the groups navigation bar
– Click ‘Your Activity’

*Note that if these instructions do not work for you, it may be because you don’t have the update yet so try again later.
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