If you said yes, then you should be really happy about the new Contacts Version they incorporated a few months back. The new version acts more like a sales tool rather than a networking medium and they’ve got some pretty cool bells & whistles. If you don’t have the new version yet (as many don’t), you can ‘Get Started’ here.

They’ve brought together the address book, emails, and calendars; then introduced Notes, Tags & Reminders. Now, you can get even more personal by saying Happy Birthday or Congratulations through a reminder at the very top of your Contacts page. When you make contact with your connections LinkedIn now pulls the details of that communication directly into the contacts profile where you’ll find even more information for your consumption.

If you’ve reached out to someone and they’ve asked you to get back to them at a later date, you can set a reminder in LinkedIn to alert you when you need to perform the next action. What a great way to stay on top of your LinkedIn efforts and impress your connections!

LinkedIn Contacts is also available as a standalone app for iPhone. Stay on top of things no matter where you are! If you’ve already been using the new LinkedIn Contacts, tell us what you like best about it…