Good idea, or bad idea?

Seems like a dumb question really, but lately I have had a few experiences where I’ve been completely ignored and it really blows my mind. The ABSOLUTE WORST thing any professional can do is ignore requests, obligations and promises made.

Ignoring people is arrogant, thoughtless and immature.


If you can no longer meet an obligation – whatever that may be – just say so. Things change and stuff happens, we all understand this (and if we don’t, then not working together is likely a good thing anyway).

Ignoring a situation tarnishes your credibility, makes you untrustworthy and creates a negative situation. We all know that negative experiences get talked about more than positive ones, so why does this still happen – because some think it’s easy.

My son, Lex and I have talked a lot about the consequences of actions this past year – he’s 9. He knows that however he handles a situation, the consequences will be good or bad. He knows that a situation will eventually catch up to him and create more complication if he tries to ignore it.

Lex will get in the car at the end of a ‘poor decision’ day, take a deep breath and say ‘you’re not gonna like this’, and then proceeds to tell me the story. For this, he earns great respect from me and I trust him to tell me what’s going on. He’s also learned that if he faces the situation, I will help him make it better rather than get mad.

True entrepreneurs and professionals don’t do easy.

They have the nerve to face any situation with honesty, grace and humility.


No matter what comes your way or how uncomfortable it might be, face up to people and if you have to say no or back out of what you thought might be a good idea at the time, just say so. You will earn MORE RESPECT than thinking it will just go away if you ignore it.

I love hearing stories of powerful people, who were once not; and what they have to say about people that treated them disrespectfully along their journey.