August is a time for the Lexabi team to start planning out the remainder of the year. Our client list grows and our work expands so it’s important for us to be ready to serve to the best of our ability.

BUT this is the first fall after a pandemic. So, how do we plan differently, or do we? And I bet you might be thinking the same thing.

post covid marketing

Coronavirus sparked a massive jump in internet usage but we believe it is temporary. The primary outcome is how the perception of social media content has shifted. The successful company will be proactive by increasing their digital presence through design, content and creativity.

Over the last eight months people have realized, more than ever, the importance of being online. However, people are also more mindful of their spending and searching for less expensive products and services. Interestingly, people have also changed their buying behaviours due to value, availability and quality.

According to, 5 themes have become evident among consumers across the globe:

  1. Shift to value and essentials
  2. Flight to digital and omnichannel
  3. Shock to loyalty
  4. Health and “caring” economy
  5. Homebody economy

They also state that over 60% of global consumers have changed shopping behaviour, many of them for convenience and value.

So, what does all of this mean to you and your business?

We think it means that there is an opportunity to do things differently and come out ahead of your competitors if you do it right.

According to, total digital ad spending in Canada will shrink 7.8% this year which is a complete reversal of their pre-pandemic forecast. On the flip side, traditional formats such as radio, print and outdoor advertising are dropping significantly. TV seems to be holding steady.

That means that the digital ad landscape isn’t quite as busy as it was pre-pandemic. Ad costs are lower for most and with a few less ads, yours might stand out a bit better – but this is temporary.

We also know that people are still spending more time online and that social media is the bedrock of digital news and habitual scrolling. According to, North American baby boomers are the biggest users of social media to stay on top of world events and connect with family, with Millennials and Gen X a very close second.

Marketing your business this fall should be focused around digital channels:

  • Social Media
  • Digital Newsletters
  • Website/Landing Pages
  • Digital Ads

Our advice is to take this more seriously than you ever have.

Social Media

Make sure you have a robust content plan for the next 3 months that encompasses all that your business is. Don’t create a stream of sales posts – tell your story. Allow people to really know your business and your team, including behind the scenes that allows them to know how you work from the inside.

When people know more about your business, they come to trust you and value what you offer. That trust leads to sales and loyalty but it doesn’t happen overnight. Patience and consistency is key. Now is the time to INVEST IN YOUR MARKETING.

Don’t be afraid to create some video! Video and live content get some of the highest consumption rates. And it doesn’t need to be professionally developed. An iPhone and carefully scripted message is often all you need.

Facebook continues to be the major platform people are using with YouTube a close second, Facebook messenger next with Instagram the fourth major player.

Globalindex also reports that search engines and social networks are neck-in-neck for where people search for brands.

Digital Newsletters

Newsletters should be well designed and provide the kind of information your target market is expecting from you – and that isn’t always a sale.

Lexabi’s viewers expect us to give them reliable information and even a little education so that’s what we try to do.

We also do not recommend sending out too many newsletters in a given time … that leads to unsubscribes and a tarnished view of your organization. Monthly or twice a month is often enough.

Remember that marketing is more about your customer, and less about you.

Website/Landing Pages

Your website and/or landing pages should be up-to-date and working properly. There’s nothing worse than spending money on social media ads only to have viewers bounce because your website looks unprofessional and clunky.

Now might be the time for a redesign, or consider landing pages that are specific to campaigns.

Digital Ads

In our experience, digital advertising outperforms traditional advertising every single time! The best part of digital ads is that it can be tracked like nothing else. With some testing, you’ll know where your customers are, what they want from you and how they behave when they see your ad.


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