Using Google Analytics to improve AdWords Campaigns

.AdWords and Google Analytics really are better together. Best of all, it’s easy to link them.

I came across this short video series (videos are just below here) that I thought would be beneficial to those who use Google AdWords for much of their promotional activity. All the videos (Published by Google Oct 19, 2015) are less than 3 minutes, and help you learn how you can use Google Analytics to understand all of the clicks from AdWords that didn’t turn into conversions – when you link AdWords and Google Analytics together. Sean Quadlin, Product Marketing Manager at Google, covers stats to add to your reports for deeper understanding, CTA’s and more. The second video covers optimizing AdWords with Analytics goals and audiences. Sean covers three things in particular:
  1. Import goals as AdWords conversions
  2. Create custom remarketing audiences in GA
  3. Use Smart Lists for automatically generated audiences
Using Google Analytics metrics in AdWords reporting, is the topic of the third video.
  1. Understand which AdWords campaigns, ads & keywords drive on-site engagement
  2. Monitor ‘% New Sessions’ to learn which keywords attract new customers.
And, the last video analyzes AdWords performance in Google Analytics. Sean talks about:
  1. auto-tagging ads
  2. segmenting user behavior
  3. using GA secondary dimensions on AdWords reports
  4. using AdWords secondary dimensions in GA reports
I hope you enjoy Google’s series, it’s a lot to absorb in only a few minutes but definitely gets you thinking about how in-depth you can really get with your digital marketing. .