Did you know that the color of your logo says a lot about your business? Well, it does. Most of us know that different colors have different meanings, so we put together a fun little chart explaining what some of the most popular colors mean.

When it comes to logo design, keep it simple. Far too often new business owners will put too much into creating a complicated logo that becomes inefficient in the long run.

The top 5 things to think about when designing or re-designing your logo (brand):

  1. COLOR– as the chart outlines, color has many meanings and emotions attached to it. Make sure the color(s) you choose reflect you the way you want. We would never recommend multi-colors – these are the most difficult to work with and we’ve had to re-do many for clients who became very disappointed with trying to place it into different backgrounds on different mediums.
  2. SIMPLICITY – there are many reasons simple logos work well. The primary reason is that it will represent well in different mediums. Consider this: the golden arches work on huge signs on the street and they also work as itty-bitty, recognizable arches at the top corner of a business card. We highly recommend you remember that when you’re getting to the point of over-designing your logo.
  3. UNIQUE – there are millions of logos out there and it’s tough to stay above the crowd. However, worse than that, would be to imitate another brand. Always be your authentic self!
  4. FILE – this is where we get a lot of clients coming to us having to get us to recreate a logo because they don’t have the original file. There are two things to remember here: #1 MAKE SURE whomever is building your logo, creates it in illustrator as a VECTOR FILE. #2 MAKE SURE you get the final vector file from your designer – before you pay that final invoice. The file should have an .ai  extension – this will mean you have the original and you will be able to manipulate it all you want down the road.
  5. FONTS – like color, fonts say a lot about a brand. If you’re a kid’s candy store, by all means use Comic Sans, however, if you are building a professional firm DON’T USE A COMIC font. Use only one type-face and keep it simple, clean and bright. Script fonts are lovely, but be careful because they can also be rather hard to read.