1. Work your Social Media
It takes time to build your social media presence and begin to see results and engagement. There’s no time like NOW to create that foundation if you haven’t yet. If you have created that foundation, make this the year that you take it seriously and work it to make it work for you!

2. Consistently Connect
What is one of the first things you do on a weekday morning? We know that one of the top things most people do when they’re enjoying their coffee is read their email. If you don’t have a consistently, well designed and written email going to your customers; you’re missing out. Get permission and connect in 2014!

3. Communicate with Clarity
Is your message clear to your target market, all the time? Can anyone go to your website and know in 7 seconds or less, exactly what you do? Do you have a good Call to Action? Let 2014 be your year of clear! Review what’s written on all of your media and check it for accuracy, clarity and consistency.

4. Freshen up your online business presence
The first web page a person lands on is where judgement starts – very quickly. Is your website aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use and up-to-date? Is it responsive? When is the last time the content was updated? Don’t let this be the year that you lose business because you didn’t think your website mattered.

5. Do business on the business platform
LinkedIn is still one of the most under-utilized social media platforms for business people. LinkedIn is a place people go to network, connect and get some business done. Review your profile and make sure you make time to connect and network in your 2014 plan.

6. Traditional media
Even though 2014 will see more technical growth, there is still a place for traditional media. When you’re creating your strategy this year, consider how you can save money on traditional media by leveraging it to promote your digital media. Good marketing is using all your channels to create a holistic approach.

7. Contests and Promotions
Contests can create a lot of activity around your brand, especially if the prize is of value. Contests take planning and commitment so make sure you plan to do at least one this year to create your own unique buzz. Facebook has undergone a lot of change in 2013 so you might want to plan for some advertising this year, which is more affordable and targeted than you might think.

8. Graphic/Web/Print/Everything Design
Start this New Year off by ‘wowing’ your customers! People are visual beings and when they see a professionally designed – anything – they take that brand seriously. Professional design is part of the puzzle that creates credibility.

9. Write what you mean and mean what you write
Content that is updated and blogs that have fresh articles get websites noticed. Social media that has new, relevant content builds communities and loyalty. Become the expert your customers know you to be and provide professionally written, relevant content that gives THEM a reason to spend their time with you all year long.

10. Incorporate Infographics
Infographics are becoming increasingly popular and there are several reasons why. Especially if your using Pinterest as one of your platforms, infographics might enhance your brand and create a highly creative way to share your messages throughout 2014.