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Social Media Expert Tips

Time for some Social Media Expert Tips for business growth and success. I don’t have to tell you how important social media is to your marketing mix but what I thought might help, is to recap some social platform details and give you some Social Media Expert Tips for...

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Google Cracks Down Again! Google is always trying to improve user experience, and I like this Google cracks down that will be in place January 10th, 2017. They’re going to introduce a signal that will give lower ranking to websites that use large pop ups...

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5 tips to building a GREAT website

1. Put the most important content “above the fold” When users visit a website, studies* show that 80.3% of people spend most of their attention above the fold. This term refers to what you see on the screen without needing to scroll down (above the bottom of your...

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Holiday Planning Checklist

The holiday’s tend to sneak up on even the best planners, so here’s your heads up to start planning your holiday promotions. It can be a BIG REVENUE GENERATOR for many businesses and it’s important to be ready – PLAN, BRAND, BUDGET, DIGITAL AND TRADITIONAL MEDIA ALL IN PLACE.

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LinkedIn Publishing

Ever make a change on LinkedIn and then you’re not happy that it showed your entire network… and if you made that change a few times, your network saw that a few times to?

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Saying Thank you on Twitter

If you're using social for business, you're likely on Twitter. Twitter is a pretty powerful little tool but is often under utilized.  Saying Thank you on Twitter  is a simple way of connecting with a simple Thank you. CLICK HERE to view this tutorial on...

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