Starting later this month in the US, if you BOOST a post via the Facebook or Instagram app on iOS you will be charged an *additional* 30% service fee. You will be billed through Apple and it’s Apple that makes the additional 30% charge on the total ad payment (before any applicable charges). This fee will hit Canada later this year, according to Facebook News.

Avoid Apples Boosting Charge

First, let’s review what a BOOST is. There are basically two ways to get an advertisement on Facebook and/or Instagram:

BOOSTING – when you have a post that you’ve published to your feed and you click the “Boost Post” blue button to put some money on it to advertise it beyond your community.

ADS MANAGER – when you have a campaign that needs deeper targeting including split testing and other features. Using ads manager is a more effective way of creating ads for Facebook/Instagram.

For years, Businesses with limited resources have discovered enormous value in advertising through boosted posts to acquire new consumers, expand their reach and awareness. In fact, small businesses account for the vast majority of promoted posts. Here at Lexabi, we don’t charge our clients to boost one of their published posts because it only takes a few minutes.

People love their smartphones but if you plan on boosting or advertising your social media, we recommend using Meta straight from your desktop.

Another result of Apple’s changes is that advertisers will have to go through a new payment process when promoting posts via the Facebook and Instagram iOS apps. Unlike in the past, when marketers were charged after their boosted posts were published, iOS businesses must now pay in advance and provide prepaid funds to their account before boosting a post.

Click here to read the full article from Facebook Business News.