Want to add a Twitter app to your Facebook page?

It’s super easy and only takes about 5 minutes!

But first, why would you want a Twitter app on your Facebook page?

  • When people visit your Facebook page, they can easily follow, retweet and fav tweets directly from your Facebook Twitter app page.
  • If you click on a hashtagged word (#Word), it will open and bring you directly to your twitter page and show you all the tweets using that hashtag.
  • It shows your Facebook community that you are active on Twitter (a little more social proof)
  • Gives your social a nice cohesive feel
  • Allows people to simply see what you’re tweeting about

There’s primarily two different methods of use, when connecting Twitter to your Facebook page. One, is directly through Twitter which sets you up with a Twitter app on your Facebook page, that posts anything you tweet automatically to your Facebook timeline as well – I don’t recommend this for business, for a few reasons:

  • tweets are often shorter than what we’d write for Facebook (max 140 characters)
  • we usually tweet more times a day than we post on Facebook
  • our most effective tweeting times differ from our most effective Facebook posting times
  • we find that we tweet things we simply don’t want to put on Facebook

This tutorial is about installing the Twitter app to simply provide a Twitter presence (or page) on your Facebook page that will house your Twitter stream and show the activity plus allows people to follow, retweet or fav a tweet right there. You can have a look at our Facebook Page to see what I mean. The Twitter app we’re using utilizes Woobox as the app provider so you will find yourself in Woobox after a few steps… don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it! Let’s get started…

  • Log in to your Personal Facebook Page
  • In the search area at the top, search for “Tweet Feed for Pages
  • Choose where your installing the app (this is where you will select your business page)
  • Click “Add Page Tab”
  • Still in Facebook, your next prompt will be a green button that says “Configure Page Tab”
  • This is where you will bounce into Woobox – I think it’s great that they’ve done this because Woobox is really nice to use and if you have a peek around the application, you’ll find it has all kinds of ways to help you with Social Promotions.

Add Twitter to Facebook by Lexabi Communications

  • Enter your Twitter name (@YourName)

Add Twitter to Facebook

Display Mode:

  • My Tweets’ means your stream will only show your tweets, the ones you’ve written.
  • Tweets Containing Search Terms’ shows only the tweets that contain a specific word or term. For example, we’ve chosen the term ‘Lexabi’ so that when you view our stream on Facebook, you will see tweets that have the term (or word) ‘Lexabi’ in it.
  • Keep in mind that if you have a more common name such as ‘Smith’; everything containing the word Smith will come up including twitter accounts with the names Smith_12, Smith_AndYou etc. etc. so this will not work for everyone.

Customize & Filter Stream:

  • Hide Tweets that start with ‘@’ – just that. If a tweet looks like “@LexabiCom is tweeting”; because that tweet begins with the symbol ‘@’ it won’t show in my Facebook twitter stream
  • Hide background image from Twitter profile – this will show or hide the background that you have set on your Twitter page.
  • Lastly if you enable Frequent Updates, it will allow your most recent tweets to show up on your Facebook Twitter stream quicker. When we tried it, it really didn’t make much of a difference.
  • Click “Save Settings” & you’re done.
  • Refresh your Facebook page and have a look at your new Twitter stream!

If you need to change your Twitter app IMAGE directly from Facebook, Click here for a ‘how-to’ infographic on customizing your Facebook App Images.

Keep in mind that things are always changing on social. This was written in November 2014 so if things are looking different … email us and we will help you out!