5 Step NoBrainer to Digital Marketing Success1. Social media provides a platform for digital marketing and for business to network, promote and build awareness.

Maintaining high levels of engagement is the #1 objective for business. The digital marketing mix can be a labyrinth of social channels and ambiguous etiquette but businesses have come to understand the need to pay attention, and more importantly, get involved. The top 5 social media platforms include:

  1. Facebook – a social environment
  2. LinkedIn – a business/networking forum
  3. Google+ – a layered medium that offers multi-channel social activities
  4. Pinterest – a highly visual landscape
  5. Twitter – a microblogging platform

Each medium has a purpose and combined can be very powerful. The trick is to find the one(s) that will work for your target audience and then plan and create content that will create an engaged community. Social media doesn’t just start generating leads as soon as you create the presence – you need to leverage all of your marketing to support each other and promote outside of social to direct people to your communities. Create a reason for people to engage and then stay engaged.

2. Email marketing funnels consistent communication to a targeted, permission-based audience.

Email marketing is as old as the internet and is clearly an invaluable tool with only one catch – it must be permission based. Use other marketing efforts to build email lists so that you can use email marketing to facilitate targeted communications in an effort to generate qualified leads. This highly affordable type of communication remains unique because you have the undivided attention of your audience… you also have about 4 seconds to capture and keep their attention so don’t underestimate the need for a professional presence. It’s personalized, fully mobile and plays nicely with social media. People check their email several times a day so BE THERE.

3. The blog facilitates other digital marketing initiatives, shows author expertise, PLUS aids searchability

The blog is home to articles/promotions/expert information and more. It shows that you’re an expert in your field. It provides a place for people to find information that they may not otherwise find. The most important aspect of having a blog is its appeal to Google algorithms. Be creative with your blog – use it to run promotions, insert infographics to make it more interesting, use it to explore audience reaction to topics or perhaps even a new product … the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

4. Graphics create a supportive visual that tells a bigger, more appealing story.

Relevant graphics support online and offline marketing initiatives by capturing attention, magnifying the message and creating brand awareness. InfoGraphics have become the new story-teller and can amplify with a glance and impress even the most critical reader. Illuminate your social media, blog and website, not to mention that infographics thrive in Pinterest for obvious reasons but also simply because of the amount of real estate they can use. It’s ad space waiting for your creativity.

5. The website is home. This is where it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!

The website is your online business presence. It should provide excellent user experience, easy navigation and a prominent ‘Call to Action’. It should link to all of your social media, have a sign up area for the newsletter and easily navigate to your blog. Consider the power of video on your website, offering a personalized message of your products or services. Create a holistic digital marketing plan that includes the channels that will reach your target audience. Leverage all of your digital media so it supports simple navigation, consistent branding and keyword richness. It’s a 5 step no-brainer that Lexabi Communications can assist any business with planning, implementing & maintaining.