You want to get your social media started, or back on track …
but you just don’t have the time to deal with it.

getting your social media started

5 simple steps to get your social media started.

1. Identify your goals – Using social media organically is how you build and nurture your target audience, however, if you want to be more aggressive and gain new followers quicker, you will need to implement an advertising budget along with your social media management budget.

2. Develop an action plan – If your digital marketing plan includes more digital initiatives than just social media then now is the time to prioritize your activities. Trying to do it all at once often backfires and the results can be disappointing. When developing your action plan, consider:

    • do you already have an email list of people to send newsletters out to?
    • do you have promotions in the pipeline that could do better by leveraging social media?
    • where are your ‘people’ hanging out? Instagram? Facebook? Linkedin?
    • do you have someone who can guide you through digital marketing professionally and reasonably?
    • do you have the right people in place to maintain?
    • this is why people hire us 🙂

3. Assess and acquire the digital solutions – a little-known strategy for anyone setting up social media is to research the ‘vanity url’s’. If your plan is to eventually have a social media presence on many channels, you will want consistency in your handles. So for example when Lexabi Communications did their homework, we created:

‘Lexabi’ wasn’t ALWAYS available on all channels so we decided to use both /lexabi and /lexabicom – ideally, /lexabi/ for all channels would have been perfect but it wasn’t available to us. Doing this research is very simple but very important in the long run.

4. Help your staff understand – staff aren’t always digitally savvy and sometimes they can even be intimidated by this sort of change. Involve employees, ask for their input and make sure they’re trained in any role they may have to play but don’t expect them to suddenly become social media specialists.

5. Maintain, Pivot and Review – Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving part of a business. It’s never finished. Technology is also ever-evolving so the best plan is to understand that there are times to maintain, times to pivot and constantly reviewing.

BONUS TIP: Don’t ever QUIT. If you are publishing content consistently to your social media channels and then just quit doing it, it will look like you’re business is no longer in business – YES, people are watching!