Click • Write • Insert • Publish

A year or two Facebook added an “About” section to Business Pages that is prominently placed to the right. I come across a lot of pages that haven’t made use of this space yet (or really need to update it) which, in my opinion, is a missed opportunity.

One of the many reasons we do social media is because it actually helps us on Google as well…. WORDS MATTER and so does showing up on a Google search.

This little “About” section allows us to add our story, full of ‘keywords’ that describe who we are. It also allows us to place a fairly large image in a prominent place on the page. Anytime someone visits your Facebook Business page, it’s an eye-catching area where visitors can click to learn more about you.



STEP 1: Login to your Facebook Business page, scroll down just a smidge and to the right of your screen, CLICK on the area that says “About Your Business” (your business name will be there). A large new window will appear.


STEP 2: WRITE YOUR STORY. At the top right of the new window you will see, ‘Edit Story’ (there is also an edit button at the bottom), click that to begin. The text on the page is now active to write/edit, including the heading/title and image. I usually write my story before inserting my image because sometimes what I write changes the image I choose, but that can also work the other way around. 

If you’re really strapped for time, the best thing to do is go to your website ‘about section’ and grab a few paragraphs from there. Copy/Paste.

As your editing your story – wherever your cursor is, you will see two small icons appear to the left of it, just outside the document margins. One is to insert an image within your story, the other is to format your text. Just slide your cursor over one of them, click and the option will appear. You can also double-click a word/sentence and formatting options will appear above.

The title/heading can only have up to 111 characters but from what I can tell, there is no end to how much text you can put below that. The story area allows for active hashtags and links so don’t forget to make use of those. When you create/update your story, it does not automatically create a post in your timeline.


STEP 3: INSERT YOUR IMAGE. We all know that people will digest an image much faster (the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster) than text so this image should be well thought out. We’ve used images of awards we’ve won, team members etc., but you might decide to showcase your product or a specific marketing campaign.

Even for the image, you must click ‘Edit Story’ before you can make changes. The best size for this image is 1200px wide by 445px tall, however, I have used other sizes that have worked. You have the option to move the image up/down to show the part of the image you want seen. 

The image area can be changed anytime (without adjusting copy) so consider changing it to promotions, seasons or just to freshen it up once in awhile.


STEP 4: PUBLISH. Once you’re happy with the story you’ve written and the image is exactly as you want it, simply click ‘publish’ at the very bottom of your text. Keep in mind that this ‘About’ section does not show on mobile as it does on desktop.

Once you click publish the window disappears and YOUR DONE!