We’re on Social Media for various business reasons but when it comes down to it, we really want to impress the people that choose to become a part of our communities, and that can be difficult sometimes. These 3 simple ways will provide you with impressive results!

1. When a question is asked or someone engages (makes a comment, offers a kind word, etc.), REPLY QUICKLY!  Ideally, if you can reply within the hour, you’re doing AWESOME, within 12 hours is GREAT, within 24 hours is GOOD, more than 48 hours is not impressive.

2. Use custom graphics that enhance your post and show off your brand where relevant. Recirculated art gets tiresome and sends the message that you aren’t very serious about original information for your fans. Original graphics should also include a ‘signature’ so that it is clear that it is yours – we put our Twitter name on ours (@LexabiCom), which will also help someone find us on Twitter leading to growth in that community. 

3. Talk about what they want to read about. Social media marketing is about giving your audience what THEY WANT. Follow the 80/20 rule… 80% what makes your audience happy and 20% about you (or sales). Content should always be relevant and represent your industry, passions and/or values.