Blogging, Social Media & Email Marketing with Lexabi Communications

Did you know that blogging is so much more than writing short articles for your website and Search Engines absolutely love websites that have good relevant content? Consider how impactful consistent blogging would be for your organization.

Below are 15 secret and not-so-secret ideas for your blog to make it more successful than ever:

  1. Keep your current/future clients up-to-date with your business as well as events or schedules
  2. Prove yourself an expert in your field by writing what you know; that helps others learn
  3. Use for special/promotion/contest rules, more info etc. etc.
  4. Throw in product launches; or products coming soon
  5. Act as a home-base for ‘more content’ to support your social media
  6. Provide tips and tricks for the DIY folks
  7. Give your opinion on a subject
  8. Get staff to write about their favorite product and why
  9. Provide recipes or ‘how-to’s’ if that’s related to your business
  10. Write a story of interest that could be picked up by other media (press releases)
  11. Include infographics for more visual impact (there’s one for this article below :))
  12. The place your email recipients can go to ‘learn more’ (keeping your newsletters shorter)
  13. Always, always, always include a CALL TO ACTION at the bottom of every blog post
  14. Think of your blog as a ‘funnel’ to other actions that can be taken
  15. Did I mention that blogs are great support for social media… an anchor for holistic marketing!

So, you don’t have time for blogging, or you’re not a good writer, or you’re website doesn’t support blogging right now – ALL GREAT EXCUSES – ALL EASILY OVERCOME!

A blog is not always a destination page that millions will flock to, to hang off your every word. It’s another piece of the puzzle that creates effective digital marketing, and one more communication channel to complete a successful online business presence.





Blogging, Social Media & Email Marketing with Lexabi Communications